Musician / Singer-Songwriter Emma Nabarro-Steel performing live.

I’m a singer, instrumentalist (piano, guitar, flute) and songwriter with several releases to date, from Jazz in the early days to cross-genre original music in recent years. My latest release is the song Circulate on 2/6/23 (listen below).

Softly Loudly was recorded during the 2020 lockdown, shaping the album in surprising ways. A piano-led collection of relatable songs, it has featured on BBC Radio, (including BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour) and streamed internationally over a million times.

I’ve written music for moving pictures & theatre productions, and I’m a nifty audio editor, thanks to my work in voiceover and audio production.

It’s been my good fortune to perform live with some talented folk over the years, most recently as keyboard player/singer & flautist in four-piece band Flying Funk.

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Latest Releases:

Latest Album: { S o f t l y L o u d l y } (2021)

If you want to pause and savour time for a bit, Softly Loudly is the place to be.” SoulReserve

A beautiful collection of songsJazz fm

An impressive collection…sure to resonate; the restraint of the playing only makes this more poignant.Yorkshire Post

Nothing short of amazing..really resonates with its time.BBC Radio Bradford

Beautiful!” BBC Radio Leeds

Softly Loudly Credits

Emma Nabarro-Steel: Music / Lyrics / Vocals / Piano / Guitars / Body Percussion

Adam Nabarro-Steel: Bass / Mixing / Mastering /Glass Tinkering

Neil Hooton: Drums / Table / Bin & Bucket

Debbie Harris: Additional Vocals / Wine-pouring

Mia Nabarro-Steel: Artwork

Recorded in Yorkshire, 2020

© 2021 Emma Nabarro-Steel

“Yorkshire’s Ella Fitzgerald” Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4

“A fine singer who floats a song lyric without using her grip on it.”- Manchester evening News

“Her own deeply expressive tone and delivery attracted plaudits wherever she has played.” Yorkshire Evening Post

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Read about each new track – includes player so you can listen while you read. (Headphones recommended).

Empathetic, intuitive, imperfect.

Is AI coming after my job? (I’ll get my coat – but I’ll just say this first). This is Zoom – a robot created by Eureka Children’s Museum, Halifax in 2013 and one of my earliest notable voiceover jobs. It was a wonderful opportunity (from Limehouse films) and I love how the work has endured,…

Self-Love and Ladybird Books

If you happen to be spending the 14th of February in South Korea, you might be inclined to give a man the gift of chocolate. And if you are Finnish, you won’t be doing Valentine’s Day but Ystävänpäivä – ‘friends day’! We grow-up with so many customs surrounding love and I started thinking about the…

Over to you!

I decided maybe it wasn’t my turn and I needed the creative energy of others. This week I’ve received the generous gift of freshly penned poetry from two opposite sides of the globe. And bang! The intersection of this serendipitous pairing (geographically somewhere around China) is magically, right here for you to enjoy.

{ S o f t l y L o u d l y }

Hello! Thanks for popping by. Softly Loudly is an album recorded in 2020, releasing weekly between 1st Jan – 19th Feb 2021. Here you can read a little about each song, beginning with the most recent track. Grab your headphones too, as you can listen while you read, Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: this is my disclaimer

Music is something I seem to ‘lean in’ to the discomfort of, although it still scares the bejeepers out of me. Most of us have something we want to be braver at and learning about other people’s true colours (even beige) is always a joy to me. Although it’s not always easy to jump in…

Marie Kondo – A Single Thread

Some songs decide to grow outwards in all directions. The new track ‘Marie Kondo’ sprouted lots of little stories. The kind that connect you in a hidden way to the people you can’t be with: a cohort which recently includes pretty much everyone we know.