Over to you!

The latest track from Softly Loudly is now roaming free – and it’s called “It Isn’t My Turn” so….

….I decided maybe it wasn’t my turn and I needed the creative energy of others. This week I’ve received the generous gift of freshly penned poetry from two opposite sides of the globe. And bang! The intersection of this serendipitous pairing (geographically somewhere around China) is magically, right here for you to enjoy:

from Noongar Country, Perth, Western Australia

softly. loudly.
time is ripe
fragrant and delicious, like
fruit on trees.
It isn't my turn
yet, to fall
and bruise
bursting like figs do,
the skin delicate,
translucent - showing
veins of nectar
and the soft
soft insides, melting.
I am still.

I meet your eyes across
a room full of strangers,
your lips lush with promise.
mine, quietly quivering.

a kiss hanging in the air,
there for the plucking.
© SoulReserve 2021

The author of these breathtaking words got in touch in 2019 after seeing a clip online of a live performance of the song ‘Soul Reserve’. We found several more happy coincidences in song lyrics/titles/poems and I love the creative connection we’ve formed, across the globe. For more like this, discover her blog at https://soulreserve.tumblr.com/

Now let’s hot foot over to a frozen UK…

from Yorkshire, UK

It Isn’t My Turn

It isn’t my turn, but that’s okay
There are others,
That need what I want.

There isn’t a queue, or an order to follow.
It’s not like that
Or so I am told.

But someday I will, be next in the line
Of that I am sure. 
I say to myself.

‘tho its hard to ignore, when its everywhere,
Every song or story,
Screams it out loud.

Then softly, loudly, my want becomes need,
It clogs up the now,
And seizes the day.

But that doesn’t matter: it isn’t my turn
To laugh, and to smile.
It isn’t my turn to be loved.

© Mallory Leigh 2021

This piece of multi-layered brilliance (I read it differently every time) is written by an author of stories for children, teens, and adults; “especially stories which are set in the real world but where the fantasy world creeps in uninvited”. Find some of them here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mallory-Leigh/e/B011M739A2?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_3&qid=1612869113&sr=1-3

I urge you to explore these writers further and I send huge thanks to both for transforming my week and reminding me to keep creating and connecting.

Hope you enjoy the latest track, the result of an extremely fun creative connection between Adam (bass), Neil (drums), Debbie (vocals) and me. Another example of remote synchronicity which deserves another post entirely. Working on it…:

Listen to more on Spotify

Get the album at http://www.emmanabarrosteel.bandcamp.com/album/softly-loudly

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